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16 October 2017 Monday

Enjoying an Exciting Desert Safari in Dubai

The desert safari is an experience unique to the social and cultural fabric of Dubai. Visiting Dubai and going back without embarking on a desert safari is quite unthinkable indeed!

This safari gives tourists a real chance to experience the myriad flavors of Dubai courtesy a whole gamut of activities. The mysteriously enticing desert sands make for a lovely landscape while the dune bashing sessions represent pure thrill and adrenaline pumping automobile dexterity. Also referred to as sand bashing, this activity can safely be considered the biggest attraction on desert safari trips where vehicles are seen seamlessly floating above sand dunes. Arabia’s golden deserts come alive with a bevy of intriguing experiences for tourists at these safaris.

Additionally, there are special sand skiing activities that you can ask for while booking your desert safari adventure. This basically offers you a chance to slide over these dunes itself. You can even opt to experience the magical ecstasy of a true blue Arabian nightly adventure with a luxurious sheesha experience, belly dancing performances, good music, food and henna painting for women among other activities. You can choose special barbequed dinners and even a camel riding session that is an intimate method of exploration and journeying. The sky is the limit when it comes to having fun on your Dubai desert safari.

Quad biking is another activity that you can ask for while booking your desert safari trip. The Dubai desert safari is a concoction of adventure, excitement, hospitality and romance mixed into one supremely delightful experience that will create memories to be cherished for a lifetime indeed! Confused about booking your Dubai desert safari? Some hotels or hotel apartments do book special desert safari trips and tour packages for their residents. The Golden Sands Dubai has its own exclusive excursion desk where you can book a desert safari adventure for your entire family without any hassles. Not only are the tour packages really affordable, they also throw in several added attractions that you will not get elsewhere!

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